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Having served Oldland Common and surrounds faithfully for over 40 years – with a current Ofsted rating of Good, and Outstanding in some areas- Oldland Pre-school may face an uncertain future. The existing building is literally falling apart and maintenance expenses are starting to threaten the school’s ability to meet educational and play needs.

Plans for a purpose-built school building have been drawn up, with estimated costs in the region of £250,000. Faced with this great fund-raising challenge, Oldland Pre-school has launched a fund-raising appeal aimed at the local community and businesses. It’s an opportunity for Oldland Common and the surrounding areas to pull together to give its youngest residents the best possible start.

As well as improving the physical size of the existing building, new plans will create a more stimulating environment, allowing the school to further boost its high quality early-years care and education. With the new build, Oldland Pre-school’s aspiration is to better serve local families, as well as benefit the wider community by making its space available for events, meetings and training.

The new proposal embraces innovative building technology, which will significantly reduce the school’s day-to-day running costs.

Apart from raising capital through further grants, school fundraisers are inviting local businesses to contribute to the build in their areas of expertise.

Bitton Council and local MPs have voiced their backing and enthusiasm for the project – sharing Oldland Pre-school’s vision to provide a better and safer environment for the community’s children and future generations.


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