We’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you.
If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact us via phone, e-mail or facebook. 


Q) At what age can my child start attending and how much are the fees?
A) We are registered for children aged three to five years old.  Sessional fees are payable until your child becomes eligible for the Nursery Education Grant in the term after your child’s third birthday.   Sessional fees are also payable if your child attends pre-school in excess of the maximum number of Nursery Education Grant hours. For further information regarding fees please contact us.


Q) What do we need to bring with our child each day when they attend pre-school?
A) We ask parents to bring in soft shoes/daps for their child to change into, spare clothes should your child have a toileting accident or become wet/messy though play. Outdoor clothing e.g. hat, cloves, wellies, Sun cream (appropriate for weather).
If your child is not fully toilet trained you are required to provide a separate bag for toileting needs containing nappies/pull-ups, wet wipes, cream and nappy sacks. For those children new to wearing pants we ask you to supply plenty of changes of pants etc. Your child’s keyperson will work closely with you to ensure toilet training is successful.


Q) Do you administer Calpol and other medication?
A) We are only allowed to administer medication that has been prescribed by a GP, and the child must have had the first dose administered by their parents at home (in case they have an allergic reaction to the medication).


Q) What food/snacks does my child have?
A) We operate a morning snack bar where children have the choice of milk or water with a selection of fresh fruit, and an afternoon snack in groups again offering the above. If your child attends pre-school all day, it is your responsibility to provide a suitable packed lunch. There will always be an adult sat at the table with your child whilst they are eating. Some children like to celebrate their birthdays/holidays with their peers and may bring in cakes that are eaten at break time or confectionary
that is given to your child on leaving at the end of their session. We grow fruit and vegetables for cooking and tasting.

Q) What if my child falls asleep?
A) We use the quiet area where the children sleep on a camping mat. A member of staff is responsible for monitoring your child whilst asleep.

Q) Do you teach the pre-school children to read and write?
A) Not directly but through a stimulating and creative learning environment where children can use resources to develop their recognition of letters. Also through every day activities and interacting with staff and other children, i.e. each child has a name card and a photograph of themselves to help with recognition. This is used daily for coat pegs. Children’s names are written on their work and are encouraged to write their name if capable.

Q) How do you discipline the children?
A) We support the children through conflict resolution whereby the children are encouraged to manage the situation themselves. Children help decide on rules and boundaries identifying safety. Each group is well resourced and active learning is encouraged. Through these strategies discipline is not needed as we encourage the children to play a big part in decision making throughout the day. We work closely with parents if a child’s behaviour is unacceptable and decide on strategies to support the parent and child.


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